Questions from Customers

Q:  What is the difference between the applique ruler and the regular straight ruler, they both look the same?

The difference is the resistance strip on the underside of the ruler.  The regular straight ruler has a “hook” resistance strip whereas the applique ruler has a “loop” resistance strip.  When quilting around applique motifs, or loose weave fabrics, the “loop” resistance works well with raised surfaces.


Q:  What size ruler do you recommend for my machine?

If you are quilting on a longarm (frame system) any size ruler will work well.  If you are quilting with a mid-arm, a large sit-down machine, or most sit-down machines with a throat space of 9” or more, the small to mid-size rulers are suggested.  Quilters with throat spaces in 7” or 8” should use the smaller rulers due to space restrictions of your machine.


Q:  What level of experience is necessary for successful ruler work?

Any level of quilting experience is enough for successful ruler or template work.  Once you handle a “Fine Line”™ ruler  you will feel the difference as compared to other rulers.  Our patented design is comfortable in your hand, and within minutes you will command your rulers like a pro.


Q:  Do I need a special foot on my machine to do ruler or template work?

Yes, to prevent damage to your machine from a ruler accidentally sliding over or under your regular foot, a ruler foot should be used.  Hop on over to our Ruler Foot tab and take a look at our new Fine Line CLARITY™ Ruler Foot.  


Q:  My quilting foot “hops”, will it hop over the top of the ruler?

Our rulers and templates are ¼” thick acrylic.  Click on our Ruler Foot tab and check out all the information regarding our Fine Line CLARITY ™ Ruler Foot.  These feet are crystal clear, stationary, and works with all ¼” acrylic rulers.


Q:  Why is using a straight ruler better than using a “walking foot”?

Using a ruler can be easily manipulated from vertical to horizontal to diagonal positions.  Using a “walking foot” requires that you turn your quilt top many times and could be quite tiring.


Q:  I have small hands.  What if the width of the finger grips are too wide for me?

We are open to any custom adjustments necessary for our customers.  Our finger grips are bonded on the ruler base 2-1/4 inches apart, from outside edge to outside edge of the finger grips.  If you are unsure, make a “C” shape with your thumb and forefinger, keeping the width comfortable, measure the inside area of the “C” shape.  If it is smaller and you would like the spacing shorter on your rulers, just let us know.  You can email us directly after placing your order, or you can make a note at checkout in “Instructions to Shipper”.


Q:  Why is there no logo information on your rulers and templates?

YOU!  When we designed our rulers, the emphasis was to design a clean and concise tool.  Fancy plastic colors or additional wording is distracting from registrations lines or marks.  The only bells and whistles should be on your quilt top, not on your ruler. In addition, all those extras cost money which is then passed on to customers.


Q:  When will get my order?

We retrieve orders 2 or 3 times a day.  We pride ourselves in customer service and try to ship next business day.  If your order is placed prior to 8:00 a.m. PT, we will generally ship the same day.  We ship Priority Mail for our continental USA customers.

     You will receive a confirmation from us that your order has been received.  Once your order has been packaged you will receive another confirmation of shipping with a tracking number.  You can easily track your package at 

     International orders are shipped as International First Class, keeping the packaging under 4 lbs maximum.  Anything over 4 lbs is required to ship International Priority Mail and it triples the price of shipping.


Q:  I placed my order, but it did not apply a shipping fee?

This will only happen on orders over $80 or International orders and only to countries we haven’t shipped to before.  Once we receive your order, we package and weigh it for the correct shipping costs for your location in the world.  You will receive an email via PayPal invoicing you for the shipping costs.  Once you have paid the shipping, we ship your order.


Q:  Can I change my order?

If you need to change your order, please email or call us.  If we have already shipped your order, we will work with you for a friendly solution.


Q:  I ordered one ruler, but I meant to order the set at the discounted price, can this be changed?

YES!  If you meant to order the complete set of rulers or templates, please email or call us.  We will be happy to still give you the discount offered and ship out the other rulers or templates.

Q: I already have other rulers, will the Clarity Foot work with those too?

YES! The Clarity Foot is designed to work with all 1/4" rulers.

Q: Why am I getting skipped stitches when using the Clarity Foot?

If your stitches are skipping, your foot is mounted a little too high. Simply adjust your foot so that it is skimming the surface of your quilt and your problem will be solved. 


If you have a question that has not been addressed here, please click here and submit your question to us.

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