Great for Ruler Work
Visibility aids you in creating precise stitching!
Moving on with your project without changing feet
Both the size and the visibility allows you to continue on with free motion quilting without first changing from the ruler foot.
Visibility is amazing,
what an improvement!
Visibility is extremely hampered by the bulky metal foot

We are proud of the development of our Fine Line CLARITY™ Ruler Foot, an endeavor we have been working on for many years. 


We took all the pros and cons of many quilting ruler feet on the market, talked with hundreds of quilters using many different makes and models of domestic machines, and set our sights on creating the perfect ruler foot... and THIS is it! We have a size for nearly all machine shank sizes, Low, Medium and High PLUS we are now introducing the Clarity™ Foot for the Slant Shank customers AND now many mid and long arm users can also benefit from the use of this foot! Click here to order!



Quilters were frustrated changing back and forth from their ruler foot to a free-motion quilting foot as they worked on their quilts.  Available ruler feet on the market were made of metal with poor visibility and because of that fact, it was necessary to switch out feet as a quilter would switch from ruler work to free motion quilting and back again.




The “Fine Line” Clarity Ruler Foot is photo quality clear and made with a strong polycarbonate material. You can now see through the foot, to the back of the foot and all around the foot making your work more accurate.


Many quilters we talked with were not happy about the cost of ruler feet.  Most ruler feet on the market are priced upwards of $50 and higher.

The “Fine Line” Clarity Ruler Foot is priced so all quilters can be included in the wonderful design world of ruler work.    Our foot can be used with straight, curved, outside templates and inside templates. 

Fine Line CLARITY™ Ruler Foot
Click on the PDF button to view the chart where
you can search for your machine's Make & Model to determine which Shank size is correct prior to ordering your foot.

To insure you are selecting the correct shank size, check the PDF icon below. If you machine isn't listed, you can alternately measure your machine following the directions given.

Choose Your Size
Foot Shank



With your machine's Pressure Foot

Lever down in its lowest position,

measure from the middle of the screw hole to the bed of your machine (throat plate).

· Low Shank: Approx. ½"

· Medium Shank: Approx. ¾"

· High Shank: Approx. 1"

Domestic Home Machine Choices

Mid and Long Arm Machines

Fits Models 301 & 301A Only

Made specifically for:
  • Handi Quilter Amara
  • Handi Quilter Avante
  • Handi Quilter Fusion
  • Handi Quilter Infinity
  • Handi Quilter Sweet Sixteen
  • Handi Quilter Simply Sixteen
  • Baby Lock Coronet
  • Baby Lock Regalia
  • Baby Lock Tiara I, II and III
  • Baby Lock Crown Jewel Series
  • Viking Platinum 16

Machine must have the "HandiFeet" foot conversion kit installed - If you can exchange feet on your machine you are all set, if not click on the link below.

View the new Clarity Ruler Foot in action

and view simple installation instructions

DISCLAIMER / Release from Liability

Accents In Design, Inc. will not be held responsible for any foot or machine damage caused by improper use of the Fine Line Clarity™ Ruler Foot.  Please be sure to completely read all instructions for use before using your Fine Line Clarity™ Ruler Foot.

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